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The Oberia D. Dempsey Multi-Service Center

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Photos: Dempsey Facilities. (Credits: left:; center: Mama Foundation; right: WHGA)


A One-Stop Shop: Social Services, Education, Arts and Culture under One Roof

Located at 127 West 127th Street, Room 101, New York, New York 10027, The Oberia Dempsey Multi-Service Center is a "one stop", social, health, educational, recreational and neighborhood service center whose purpose is to bring the local services and activities close to those in need. We also provide gymnasium, auditorium and conference room that is available to the community for rent at an affordable rate.

The Dempsey Center is sponsored by West Harlem Group Assistance, Inc., in cooperation with the New York Human Resources Administration.

If you would like further information about the use of the facility and its services, contact Oberia D. Dempsey Management Office between 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Dorisabel Cruz, Director

127 West 127th Street

New York, NY 10027

(212) 749-0456



Space Rental Application (Download)

Single Day Space Rental Application

Multiple Dates Space Rental Application

Permanent Space Rental Application




Providers and Services at the Oberia Dempsey Center


African Communities Together

Amaha Kassa, Esq., Executive Director  (347) 746-2281

African Communities Together (ACT) is an organization of African immigrants fighting or civil rights, opportunity, and a better life for our families here in the U.S. and back in Africa.  ACT empowers African immigrants to integrate socially, get ahead economically, and engage civically. We connect African immigrants to critical services, help Africans develop as leaders, and organize our communities on the issues that matter.

Beatty's Computer Training Advanced, Inc. 

Myneika White, Director (212) 932-2063

Adult computer program, designed to prepare individuals between the ages of 20 and 50 years in today’s computer technologies for competitive job placement. It offers computer training, interview and resume preparation, employment introduction and job placement

City Health Works

Manmeet Kaur, Executive Director

Donya Williams, Director Of Operations (917) 842-5446

Our organization was founded to support the increasingly expensive and overburdened health care system, City Health Works hires and trains clinician supervised Community Health Care Workers from the neighborhoods we serve to act as Health Coaches.

Connect, Inc.

Ms. Sally McNichol,Co-Executive Director

Mr. Quentin Walcott, Co-Executive Director (212) 683-0015

Connect, Inc. is dedicated to preventing interpersonal violence and promoting gender justice. By building partnerships with individuals and communities, we strive to help change the beliefs behaviors and institutions that perpetuate violence.  Through Legal empowerment, grassroots mobilization and transformative education, Connect works to create safe families and peaceful communities.


Dances for A Variable Population

Naomi Goldberg-Hass, Artistic Director  347-683-2691

Dances for a Variable Population is a multi-generational dance company and educational organization inspiring people of all ages and abilities to move in strong and creative ways. Through lively and fun free programs for adults, low cost classes and performances with beautifully executed choreography, we make inclusive dance that engages communities as participants and audience members. DVP shares dance for wellness, for expression and for human interaction. 


Coalition on Positive Health Empowerment

Gloria Searson, President   (212) 426-3895

Provides health literacy, screening and testing of HIV & HCV testing for patients living with chronic illnesses, ongoing education and support to clients and allied health workers, support groups and linkage to infection disease specialist.


Department Of Probation / NeON


Ms. Nora Santos, Branch Chief (212) 280-4804


The Harlem Neighborhood Opportunity Network (NeON) is an initiative of the NYC Department of Probation to provide community based probation services.  The NeON is a network of community organizations, government agencies, local businesses, and community residents focused on connecting probation clients who live in the target neighborhood to opportunities, resources and services designed to help clients succeed and make communities stronger and safer.



Doing Art Together, Inc.

Electra Friedman, Director  (212) 245-8132

Teaching artists collaborate with New York City school teachers and social service agencies to develop art education programs designed to encourage the learning, creativity and self-confidence building of children and young adults from ages 2 through 22.  Such programs, integrated with school curricula and supported by parent participation, serve the development needs of the participants which include special education students, drug rehabilitation patients, teenage parents and GED students.  The organization also offers visual arts workshops for parents and also conducts professional development workshops in visual art for teachers and administrators.


Friends of Island Academy 

Chistine Pahigain, Executive Director                 (212) 760-1023

Administrative headquarters and program services for Friends of Island Academy, including group workshops for court-involved youth, service for Probation Arches participants, arts-based programming, one on one meetings and counseling sessions with youth and families, youth leadership training.


Graham - Windham Services

Carlos Bonilla, Director of Operations (646) 315-7182

Provides counseling, advocacy and independent living services to birth parents, foster parents and children.  The program serves as a liaison between foster care parents and NYS courts as well as other child protective serve agencies.  Families are assisted in their transition in overcoming their obstacles and reaching specific goals based on individual service plans.   Parents are taught many positive aspects of maintaining families together for the betterment of the children.


Grameen America

Contact:  Juseniah Enriquez, Branch Manager

Marcus Berkowitz, Director Of Strategy & Expansion (347) 583-1067

Grameen America is dedicated to helping women who live in poverty build small businesses to create better lives for their families. We offer micro-loans, training and support to transform communities and fight poverty in the United States.


Hanac, Inc.

Lucy O' Brien, Assistant Director (212) 996-3949

Provides a comprehensive curriculum such as Customer Service Training for the retail and administrative support employment sectors, customized Legal Customer Service Training, Security Guard Training and Taxi Driver Training, direct placement services, national work readiness, job search and placement computer labs, GED Classes and Immigrant social services programs.


Harlem Community Justice Center

Christopher Watler, Project Manager (646) 593-8520

The Harlem Community Justice Center brings together model practices from workforce development, reentry and service learning programs. Building on a central principle of the national Civic Justice Corps model, which partners community groups, justice agencies and employers to invest in the development and self-sufficiency of court-involved young adults, the Justice Corps empowers cohorts of young adults to be change agents in their personal lives and throughout the broader community.


Harlem Grown

Tony Hillery, Executive Director   (212) 870-0113

Program’s mission is to create a network of neighborhood farms  and spread its produce and social benefits through Harlem. The program through local urban farms; increase access to and knowledge of healthy food for Harlem residents and provide garden based education programs to Harlem youth.


Hour Children of Harlem Olive Oil & Herbs

Dr. Lynda Teekah, Director   (212) 222-7100

Hour Children Of Harlem promotes and educates colon health to the community, increase energy levels,  boost the immune system through hydrotherapy, herbal health message and pain management services.



Ice Hockey in Harlem

Contact:  John Sanful, Executive Director           (212) 722-0044

Our organization offers programming that allows children in our community to take advantage of the educational and athletic opportunities provide by youth sports. Through participation in ice hockey, IHIH student- athletes learn the fundamentals of the game, engage in an active lifestyle and broaden their life experiences.


The International Child Program 


Electra Weston, President (646) 894-9528


The International Child Program will include activities such as artistic workshops focused on youth and seniors (but open to the general community); fundraising concerts of classical, jazz, and world music; monthly (and eventually weekly) literary soirees / mixers for networking and inviting in the community; a cultural film projection series for fundraising; and multicultural sports activities for youth. 


International Youth Leadership Institute  

Jadayah Spencer, Acting Executive Director (212) 222-0404


International Youth Leadership Institute provides NYC area African American and Latino high school students with exposure to community, national and international issues. Through seminars, training, mentoring and travel we cultivate informed and well-educated citizens who recognize the power of individuals and groups to promote positive social change in this country and throughout the world. IYLI conducts seminars on global issues, leadership workshops, college prep, service learning, and study programs overseas.


Job Path

Kate Buncher, Director

Freda Rosen, Executive Director  (917) 439-2161


Job Path designed to strengthen the contributions of individuals, their families, and support staff to the local neighborhoods in which they live. Job Path provides for the time of the Urban Innovations coordinator, the Artistic Director, summer interns, and numerous direct support staff who support the individuals who live in Harlem. Job Path also provides for the administrative and operational expenses related to the Urban Innovations initiative.

The Laundromat Project

Contact:   Kemi Illesanmi, Executive Director           (718) 574- 0798

Provides art, artists, and arts programming to local laundromats. The program particularly focuses on communities of color and those living on modest incomes. The three anchor neighborhoods Central Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Hunts Point. In each of these neighborhoods , we offer free art classes and support artist projects in community Laundromats.


Mama Foundation for the Arts

Contact: Vy Higgensen, CEO (212) 280-1045

Programs designed to teach, train and employ talented young people in the arts on and off stage and helps serve the communities artistic and theater needs.


Manhattan-Staten Island Area Health Education Center

Mary Mitchell, Director (212) 534-2432

This program is committed in addressing disparities in the health professions through increased diversity and provides health career exposure and exploration opportunities for minority youth who have an expressed interest in pursuing a health career, provide variety of internship and other placement experiences with community hospitals such as Harlem Hospital, Metropolitan, and Mount Sinai for students from middle school to medical school and beyond.


New York Center For Child Development

Michael Gordon, Executive Director

Evelyn J. Blanck, Associate Executive   (212) 752-7575

Our organization identifies and treats children with developmental delays and emerging social emotional concerns in the earliest years of life, in order to give every child we serve the chance to develop to his/her fullest potential and gain the greatest success and enjoyment of learning life.  We promote the expansion and early childhood mental health services through advocacy for public policy initiatives and by providing training for educators, parents, therapists and other care givers in the best use of early childhood principles.


Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership

Ashanti Chimurenga, Interim Executive Director (212) 665-2600

This program is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of infants, children and  their families by offering a number of programs that help reduce the infant mortality rate and increase the self-sufficiency of poor and working class women in Central, West and East Harlem and Washington Heights.  It also sponsors a obesity prevention program called SCALE, a new teen pregnancy prevention program called TASA-Sisters of Strength, Baby Steps Home Visiting Program, Center For Preschool & Family Learning Head Start, Social Health Marketing Group,  Student Ambassadors Program, Club Mom Program, Comprehensive Prenatal-Perinatal Services network, Community Health Worker Program, Central Harlem Healthy Start Program and a new program called Healthy Behaviors in Mothers & Families.


Sage, Inc.

Suley Cruz, Program Manager (646) 660-8954


SAGE Harlem is dedicated to creating a safe haven for LGBT older people and connecting them to services in their community.    SAGE’s responds to communities of color by ensuring that LGBT elders in area can benefit from culturally and linguistically appropriate services. SAGE Harlem is a both an Innovative Senior Center (ISC) and Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC), meaning it provides programs and services to residents right where they live—personifying the idea of "aging in place."  SAGE Harlem offers bilingual information, referrals, services, programming, educational presentations and social activities for older LGBT residents in the community, and partners with local social services providers to expand access for LGBT consumers and sensitivity to their issues.


The Family & Faith Reentry Circles Of Support


Christopher Watler, Project Manager  (646) 593-8520

We engage formerly incarcerated men, women and youth with workshops, job counseling and educational instruction. We provide private counseling of justice e-involved persons by volunteer mentors and social work. This project works closely with the Justice Center's Harlem Justice Corps program, Reentry programs and Family Court Programs.