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Harlem Homebuyers

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WHGA Harlem Homebuyers Program

In partnership with government, corporate and neighborhood partners WHGA provides comprehensive services to low to moderate income families seeking to purchase their first home. Citigroup and HSBC Bank USA also make WHGA’s Harlem Homebuyers program possible.

West Harlem Group Assistance, Inc. has designated the Harlem Homebuyer Program to support low to moderate income residents in the acquisition of their first home. This program has four (4) major components including:

  • First- time homebuyer education,
  • One on one counseling,
  • Subsidized homeownership programs and;
  • Grants

Comprehensive Education

WHGA’s certified homeownership counselors instruct local residents on the major aspects of purchasing a home. Our in depth 12 hour training program with expert guest speakers (architects, attorneys, loan officers) covers the following important homeownership topics:

Assessing Readiness to Purchase

Calculating Affordability

Credit Repair

Budgeting and Saving Planning

Shopping for a Home

Home Inspection

Negotiating Contract of Sale

In each lesson students are instructed on the presence of predatory lending and real estate tactics. In order to receive a course certificate graduates must complete at least 9 hours of course work and receive one on one counseling. This certificate will enable buyers to obtain low cost mortgages underwritten by Fannie Mae.

One on One Counseling

WHGA assists each client with structuring their purchase plan. Certified counselors help first time buyers determine affordability, maximum allowable debt load, grant and subsidized program eligibility and reasonable time frame to purchase. WHGA’s staff uses the Home Counselor Online Program, an interactive web- based application to, prequalify and counsel Neighborhood Homes applicants and Harlem Homebuyer clients.