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Harlem Homeowners

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Harlem Homeowners
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Equity Preservation: WHGA Harlem Homeowners Program

WHGA targets senior and low income 1-3 family homeowners facing foreclosure, or whose homes are at risk due to mortgage default, predatory loans, and tax arrearages.

Equity Preservation counseling will include mortgage and tax lien foreclosure intervention and prevention, estate planning, and insurance counseling; Physical Re- Stabilization counseling will consist of home repair with a focus on curing building code violations, poorly maintained rental units and major systems such as roof, plumbing, electrical and heating systems as well as energy and water conservation; and Tenant Management counseling will assess the owner’s relationship with the tenant, provide intervention and legal service as needed, and ensure that a valid lease and rent collection process is in place. In the event that a tenant is not in place, WHGA will assist the homeowner in seeking viable tenants. Online Foreclosure Prevention Resources from the New York State Attorney General Office.

Eligible property owners with low income tenants can receive assistance in applying for rehabilitation loans subsidies and tax abatement programs. These publicly funded programs typically assist building owners that offer affordable rents to low income households. Local landlords and homeowners can obtain more information at