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Small Business Support - Affordable Commercial Leases

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Commercial Space for Rent!

WHGA has several commerical spaces of varying sizes and features for rent throughout West and Central Harlem. We have a strong preference for businesses and non profit/ social service tenants that can offer goods and services unique to Harlem to our community residents. Contact us for more information : 212-862-1399

WHGA’s Harlem Entrepreneurs Program: Small Business and Economic Development

Existing and prospective local entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly difficult to start and maintain local enterprises. Space availability and affordability, competitive markets, lack of capital, poor credit and language barriers are only some of the major obstacles facing our clients. WHGA’s Harlem Entrepreneurs Program works to link Harlem business owners to valuable resources.

Networks of local small business agencies facilitate access to capital from low cost flexible financing and grants and provide free or low cost small business planning. For small business planning and micro-lending please contact a WHGA partner in economic development:

New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce

 West Harlem Community Preservation