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Property Management

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WHGA has over 40 years of real estate management and ownership experience. Although its portfolio is valued at over $150 million, the agency targets some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens including: low and moderate income, homeless families, low- income seniors as well as adults receiving mental health services and drug abuse treatment. Throughout the agency's growth it has been committed to a holistic approach to property management, development and advocacy. 

WHGA took on its first property management contract in 1973. Ever since, property management has been at the core of WHGA's operations and its primary source of revenue. The entire property management department is housed at WHGA headquarters at 1652 Amsterdam Avenue in Harlem, New York. The property management team is comprised of: a Director of Property Management, three Property Managers, Compliance Specialist, Director of Building Services, Assistant Director of Building Services, Maintenance Clerk, multiple Area Supervisors, Building Superintendents, Porters and Handymen. The team is supported by a Financial Analyst, a member of the accounting department. Oversight for this department is handled by the agency’s Chief Operating Officer. 
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